"We don’t give other people credit for the same interior complexity we take for granted in ourselves, the same capacity for holding contradictory feelings in balance, for complexly alloyed affections, for bottomless generosity of heart and petty, capricious malice. We can’t believe that anyone could be unkind to us and still be genuinely fond of us, although we do it all the time."

Tim Kreider

This is my new favorite.

"You are here now;
you are here now;
Now don’t look back."

Think of the children! Imagine the world that we’ve willed them! It’s populated with weirdos to kill them—and break their hearts.

Hashtag what archaeologists will know about us

#reallife (at 1427 Academy)

My finest hour #eastervstechnology

It’s catching on.

If you’re dealing a line of cards, won’t you take me to the Queen of Hearts?

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Literally a perfect Sunday.